Thursday, July 1, 2010

7.1.10 2

Well, finished up my trading today with another win. Quick movement, but my trade paid off and finished me up for the day with 3.25 points. On with my day...


Good initial trade on Unemployment. Went in with a Stop-Limit order and the movement jumped me, but the news was so bad I knew it would keep going down so I got in short and made my point. Also made another tick on part of the correction.


We had some crazy wicks on the initial. Put me in short, wicked up, hit my stoploss. Traded the correction and made everything back save a tick. Maybe I should just trade corrections this week! :o)


Missed the initial movement, which isn't a bad thing as it was wicking quite rapidly. Put in a buy order on the prediction point, but the news was that that it didn't correct therefore hitting my stoploss and putting me out. Done for the day.


Well, not the best of movements for me, but was able to make back everything I lost on the initial by trading the correction. Ended up a tick.

Tuesday, June 22, 2010


What a good way to start out the week of trading. Made a point today trading on one contract.

6.17.10 Trade 2

What a good trade. I was able to make 2.50 points to add to the two ticks in the earlier trade for a total of 3 points on the day.